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Yvonne Koné Stock Sale

Yvonne Koné makes the most beautiful minimalistic, qualitative and timeless accessories. I’m especially fond of the leather bags and kinda tell my self that I really deserve on (hellooo, I go to Crossfit 4 times a week that kinda deserves a little present to myself right?)..

But the economy isn’t what it used to be (haha, don’t you just hate people that actually use phrases like that in a conversation?!), so we all find ourselves some good bargains. You can call me Ms Dealer, Ms you-personal-deals-dealer: because on the 4th of September at Vesterbrogade 69 Yvonne Koné will sell some of her stock items for a dump price.

For more information check the Yvonne Koné facebook event page!

With love,

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