Thanks to the lovely people at Somersby…

… this Summer, month, okay week has been covered! They have send me a case of their latest addition to the Somersby family: the The Ginger-Lemon.

One of the perks of living in Denmark for me is definitely Carlsberg’s Somersby! I don’t really like to drink beer and these ciders are a perfect substitution: not too sweet, many different flavours (Apple, Pear, Blackberry and now also Ginger Lemon) and they luckliy don’t have the stigma of “girl drink”. Ginger Lemon is definitely a combination from heaven 😀

Sorry for the lack of posting the last week, I was in the Netherlands for a festival (shall post the pictures soon) over the weekend and to be fair a holiday is a holiday… I’m thinking about writing a travel guide about the Hague so this one might come online soon!

With love,

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