The Danish Language

Haha, this youtube literally almost killed me! The Danish language might be one of the most difficult language to understand by ear. While most Dutchies have no problems with reading Danish (Danish is the bastards kid of the Dutch, German and English language), it stays impossible to understand Danes. They mumble, only pronounce half of the letters in a word and to top it all they have the æ. å. and ø to make things even worse.

I can’t even count all the occasions, where I have no idea what was happening around me and just nodded, smiled and answered with a ja, tak (yes, thanks). Haha, luckily those events are becoming rarer and rarer.. Apparently, I do learn myself a thing or two while living here 😉

With love,

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3 thoughts on “The Danish Language

  1. Lin

    Haha nice! I found when I was in sweden for 6 months that reading was so much easier then listening. By the way I just finished watching the Bridge, maybe you’ll like it too.