Tillykke med fødselsdagen Margrethe!

While the Dutch get pretty wasted to celebrate the Queen’s birthday (the former queen to be precise) and have a lot of outdoor festivals, beer, and people – a little version of Distortion you might say. The Danes have a different way to honor their queen: a more traditional and sophisticated way..

While in the Netherlands we would have bought our 5th beer, this is what they do in Copenhagen around noon:

After changing of the guards, Queen Margrethe II and her closest family step out onto the balcony of the palace, to be greeted with loud cheers. After a while, they move back inside, while the traditional call from the crowd sings out – “Margrethe, Margrethe, kom nu frem, ellers går vi aldrig hjem” (“Margrethe, Margrethe, come on out, or we will never go home”). This usually makes the royal family appear two or three times more.

So somehow, they found another occasion to sing! I integrated pretty well on most parts of living here: I bike like a madman, order fisk in the club and got used to the short opening hours. HOWEVER, the fact that Danes try to have a singing part in all their traditions makes my eyebrows frown..

Find the 10 differences..

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