What To Do in Copenhagen Summer 2012

Copenhagen is a lovely, but extremely expensive city – it seems that there’s a whole lot more of month than salary down here 😉 But one of the advantages to one of the highest tax rates world-wide, is that this city also has a lot of FREE activities to offer like Distortion. Here are some of the things that I’m planning to do this summer!

Islands Brygge Havnebad

This is actually nothing more than a fenced part of the harbour, but there are great facilities! A 5 meter high jumping board, showers, lifeguards and a lot of youngsters and families. The water is cold as f*, but hey – it’s for free. So who am I to complain about temperature! It is open til around 19.00 every day!

Copenhagen Friday Night Skate

Every other week there is an approximately 10km route through Copenhagen for skaters, organized by Friday Night Skate. I somehow have missed every skate night so far, but by the end of the summer I have definitely tried this!

Stella Polaris – 5 August

Stella Polaris is a music festival that is practically in my backyard (not really, but it is at Østre Anlæg) and it has the most chilled vibe ever. It is actually a festival that travels all through Denmark and Copenhagen is the last city it visits. It is sponsored by my favorite drink Somersby!

Sommerbio – Several dates

Zulu’s Sommerbio is something to look forward too! They show several movies in different parks in Copenhagen (Fælleparken, Charlottenlund Strandpark and Ofelia beach) and 50/50 is the movie I’m looking forward most too, this one will be shown at Charlottenlund Strandpark (9th of August, 21.30).

Strøm CPH – 20 – 26 August

Strøm used to be a free festival, but this year you have to pay 20 DKK (2.60 EUR) – so yes that I kinda can afford 😉 it is a one-week electronic music festival, with a lot of new talent. Last year ghostpoet was a real pleasure to see/hear. They have gigs outside at Enghave plads, but also parties at venues such as Vega and . Last year I saw a lot of kids running around at the festival area too, I think in general Denmark is rather open-minded for kids going to such events (whereas, back in the Netherlands people would give the parents a judgemental evil-eye quite fast..).

So I hope you will have an amazing summer too! I might go to the Asian Street Party at Pumpehuset this Saturday – no, not to feel patriotic but with a gentle hope that there will be free food 😎

With love,

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