I have been listening to Usher’s music ever since I got my first Sony. It was butt ugly and in the same colors of Mac Donalds, but the music that came out of it was like heaven. Usher, My Way, 8701 and confessions – they were piece by piece amazing and like little cottonsticks an orgasm to the ear. But then in 2008, something awful happened, something called Here I stand.. From this album on literally nothing made an impression on me, even though there were some decent songs on. But it all just missed that thang, that magic thang.. That 1990s thang, that fresh prince of bel-air kinda of vibe, that BoysIIman, that streetdance, that R-kelly (before the kid porn), that blowing into your Nintendo cartridge because it froze kind of thang..

But then, and I know this song has been released a while ago, Climax came out. And even though I think, in general, Diplo produces things that are more similar to an elephant’s fart, this song is AMAZING! It captured that old school Usher vibe, that song that you want to sing-a-long with in the car even though you have no musical skills to back it up, that vibe that you just wanna cry on because you are 16 and your first boyfriend broke up with you..

His highly enticipated album is, how appropriate, called Looking for myself and is scheduled to be released June this year. I CAN NOT wait for this to come out and really hope that he left that whole EURO house period behind him, because it sucked..

With love,

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