We Love Us Some Candy…

As a kid my parents used to have several restaurants (which Asian kids’ parents didn’t?!) and I loved tagging along when they went to the wholesale supermarkets (you know, those where you’re only allowed in with a membership card). Why you might ask?! First of all: there were ALWAYS samples to try *nom nom nom*, but best of all my parents would allow me to buy one box of candy (yeah, those 1kg boxes…)!! Thinking back at it, it’s pretty insane to let your kid eat that much sugar – but I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed every piece!!

So when the boyfriend announced he received a membership card for Metro (the Danish equivalent to the Dutch Makro), I couldn’t wait to go there! It sounds fruity, but I really enjoy places like that even though it’s a tad depressing; the day we went it was raining and apparently their ceiling was not made to cope with that, so there were buckets filling up with water literally EVERYWHERE. But it has rows and rows filled with candy, cookies, ingredients and stuff nobody really needs (think: beverage can resealers), so what’s not to love!

The only factor I kind of forgot, after walking around for hours like a kid drugged up on sugar and deciding which things would enrich my life (a bag of Dorito’s, candy, a tray of bottled water, a random bottle of beer, a can of lychee…), was that with my dad my only duty was to find myself that really precious box of candy and he would pay for it (consequently, I would run to the car to rip open the packaging – while my dad would tell my not to mess up his car). As a kid, I never really realized how darn expensive those were!

So, the biggest difference with the 10-year old kid (okay I lie, I joined my parents pretty much until I moved to Copenhagen) and the 25-year old kid that still likes her candy, is that she has to pay for it herself now! And boy, I can tell you it’s no fun to realize that all your most random items, which not even contain real ingredients, cost more than 750 kroner (100 euro’s)!

Pff, grown-up life sucks!

With love,

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2 thoughts on “We Love Us Some Candy…

  1. Raquel

    Hi! I don’t know exactly how I arrived here but I found your blog and we have so many interesting things in common’ ! I love running too, the XX, fashion, etc. So from now on I’m following you! Where are you from?

    1. Janet Post author

      Hi Raquel!! Such a nice comment 😀 Are you planning to see The xx when they are playing in Spain? I’m from the Netherlands, but I moved to Copenhagen 😀 How’s Barca?