What Happend To Craig David?!

Craig David pretty sums up my teenage years. UK Garage and 2-step definitely made being 16 a whole lot easier: haha, remember how everything was the end of the world at that age? Everything was so intense: the troubled first love, the arguments with the parents and on top there was also some growing up to do.. I definitely make it sounds a lot harder than it actually was: I had a great group of friends, I breakdanced with the guys (haha, yeah I was a b-girl together with the appropriate bandana’s..) and my school was actually pretty cool..

But okay, I was one of those way too young girls, heading over to NOW & WOW (most epic club in the history of clubbin) in way too colorful clothing, home-made shirts (safety pins were key), sunglasses and hats. It’s pretty hilarious to think back about and I even find it a bit annoying to be in Copenhagen now – while I should be in the Netherlands and find some pictures of this period to add to this blog (note to myself: find myself these pictures pronto!).

But okay, back to the music.. Even today UK Garage/2-step remains to be one of my favorite music styles. It always has a feel-good melody, with a BPM that actually makes you wanna dance even when driving in the car and it just makes me feel in a constant mood of nostalgia. It just puts a smile on to my face! So when I heard re-rewind again, I was wondering what happened to mister David himself. I remember that a year or 2 ago, I’ve heard some pretty lame songs from him. But what he is actually doing these days, it broke my heart…

Craig David, what happened to you?! From singing about how you met a girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday to walking away from the troubles in your life (who hasn’t heard these songs at least a million times..) you ended up here? In this dark place where you end up with a girl in a toilet. Which is fine with me, everybody has the right to their own thang.. But from this soullifting uk sound, you fell back in this dirty eurohouse trash?! I can’t even describe the beat of this song because it honestly hurts my ears.. It has filters, it has (the bad kind of )synthesizers and it has everything bad that kinda portraits this centuries (euro-) house music (pretty big statement, I know. There’s still a lot of good house music. But you all also know the house music that actually makes it to the radio is just B.A.D.).

I would honestly give up all my savings (okay, not everything..) for Artful Dodger to come back together and hit it up again with Craig David and see if they still have the magic.

What do you think about Craig’s latest collaboration?

With love,

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PS. This one is because it’s Wednesday (which is almost Friday!)

2 thoughts on “What Happend To Craig David?!

    1. Janet Post author

      I went to the fest party last year too! I really liked it, but it just wasn’t the same as “back in the days”! Hope you’ll have a blast there anyways 😀