Is Spring coming?!

Even though Copenhagen is only a 1 hour flight from home, the weather seems to be a lot colder. I even saw a thin layer of ice this morning while going for a run :( But I can’t complain too much, the sun has been shining and there’s no extra layer that can’t prepare you for anything..

With all the festivals releasing more and more of their line-up, it is easy to long for summer! At the moment I only purchased tickets for Awakenings in Amsterdam where o.a. John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Pan-Pot, and Joris Voorn will play. But I would LOVE to go to Appelsap too, but ahaha these flighttickets unfortunately don’t grow on trees.. And not to forget CPH’s Distortion, while this festival – in my opinion – is not about the music but 100% about the great atmosphere.

For those who are not familiar with Distortion, its a 1-week festival in Copenhagen where every neighborhood battles to have the best street party. This means free parties on the street and you can bring your own booz. Something where I’m still surprised about every time! In general I think, that pretty much everything with bringing your own booz and drinking it outside is illegal in Holland and if it is not illegal the Dutch will get too drunk and fight.. But anyways, Distortion will be a great opportunity to visit Copenhagen and me 😉

For now, some great songs that makes me even long Summer more!

With love,

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